Emmerdale have bored Fans with Constant Sex Scenes

Emmerdale have bored Fans with Constant Sex ScenesEmmerdale fans beg Debbie Dingle and Tom Waterhouse to STOP having sex as they bore of their randy antics


The randy pair have been doing the dirty whenever they can of late with constant sex scenes.

T fans flocked to Twitter to call for an end to their naughty and raunchy sex scenes.


One wrote: “Getting a bit peeved with Debbie and Tom just continually bonking. #emmerdale”


Another they seem to be taking scenes from Fifty Shades.#FiftyShadesOfEmmerdale

“This whole storyline with Debbie Dingle and Tesco Christian Grey gets ever more ridiculous. Sweeping the contracts off the boardroom table like they’re in Fatal Attraction #Emmerdale”



After signing the deal, the pair engage in a randy moment in the office

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But Debbie has unwittingly become a part of the deal that threatens her family home


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